KANADA is the brain child of swedish singer, guitarplayer and songwriter Johan Hammarback. Formerly the frontman for Stockholm based americana outfit The New Crackers.  After a couple of years gigging in the Stockholm area the band went on an indefinite hiatus in 2011 and Hammarback decided to go on his own.

KANADA’s first release is an EP of five songs, If Not For You. Hammarback explains: ”After listening to Johnny Cash’s American albums and hearing (Swedish rock star) Ulf Lundells album Xavante it hit me that i could do this on my own, just record my songs, my voice, my guitar. So thats what i did”.
If Not for You was recorded, mixed and mastered by Swedish hit maker Douglas Carr at his studio in Stallarholmen during one very productive sunny day in november of 2012. It’s a very naked affair with Hammarbacks voice  and songwriting in focus. ”These song are about my life, a lot of things has happened to me in the last few years, i’ve become a father, i’ve been married, divorced, found a new, true love and found myself in the process. And it’s all in these songs”

If Not For You follows in the tradition of albums such as Springsteens Nebraska, Cash’s American albums and Dylans early 90’s folk albums. It will make you sit up and listen. And it will make you want to hear more.
This is just the first step in a reborn mans artistry. Hammarback: ”I have loads of songs and things on my mind and in my heart. This is just the beginning. KANADA’s next release might be just me and my voice again or it might be recorded with a full band. But at this moment i am just happy and proud to have my first EP out for people to hear.”